What’s Communication Consulting?

Communication Consulting is the constant monitoring of your brand strategy to increase awareness and improve results. We designed a strategy adapted to your business, anticipating scenarios to optimize crisis management, and we also created all the branding that responds to the business needs.

What we do

consultoria comunicação estratégia


With a focus on results, without growing relationships and engagement, we develop disruptive marketing strategies – without neglecting the organization’s culture and the key characteristics of the stakeholders’ ecosystem. A consultative communication analysis allows to identify the brand positioning, aligning with the tactical objectives of the marketing plan.

Uma consultoria comunicação requer um trabalho atento e dedicado para percebes quais os mercados e o público alvo que se pretende atingir.

Market Studies

In strategic decision-making, market research is valid and has crucial data to support marketing planning. The collection of quality insights, by aggregating data from different platforms, allows for accurate reporting.

Empresa de comunicação e marketing estuda a instabilidade dos mercados e da perceção dos consumidores pode conduzir a crises nas marcas

Crisis Management

Market instability and consumer perceptions can lead to brand crises. The planning of crisis management actions is essential to respond quickly and effectively to any imbalance in the implementation of the brand strategy.

Uma empresa de comunicação e makerting foca muito o ponto da comunicação integrada dada a importância e valor que está tem para a mensagem que o consumidor recebe.

Integrated communication

The communication strategy is integrated and complementary in all touchpoints with your audience. An integrated communication approach implies that all marketing actions are aligned to the same purpose, from a transmedia and omnichannel perspective.

A conceptualização da marca é o ponto-chave para o estabelecimento de uma relação emocional com o target.


The conceptualization of the brand is the key point for establishing an emotional relationship with the target. Using the best brainstorming and design thinking techniques, we develop unique identities for each company, recognizing the main personality traits that make up its key-people.


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